Camel Milk Post Harvest Handling Practices

To enhance safety, quality and marketing of camel milk in Isiolo and Laikipia districts.

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To transform Kenya’s agriculture into a commercially oriented economic activity for food and nutrition security increased household incomes and employment creation while utilizing the natural resources and biodiversity sustainably.


To increase camel milk quality and safety through development of improved post harvest handling and value-added market-oriented camel milk and products of better quality, safety and shelf life thus create income and improve the standard of living of pastoralists in the semi-arid and arid region of Kenya.


1. To conduct situational analysis of camel milk production and marketing chain in Laikipia and Isiolo districts, and Nairobi city.

2. To develop and promote appropriate intervention packages necessary to make the camel milk value chain more efficient and beneficial to all the stakeholders.

3. To assess and develop appropriate the post-harvest handling practices for value-addition and enhanced marketing of camel milk in Laikipia and Isiolo districts and Nairobi city.


4. To develop and communicate Information and Knowledge sharing packages for camel milk post-harvest handling and marketing.